The excursion for people with disabilities took place on the eastern entrance to the nature reserve «Stolby»

On October 9th in Krasnoyarsk in the «Friendly service» project’s boundaries supported by presidential grant and under the direction of Alexander Tkachev a training seminar on the topic «Right and polite communication with people with disabilities» took place.

The training seminar was held by Svetlana Nigmatullina from Kaliningrad. Being a member of the category of people with disabilities, Svetlana appreciated the functional of the ecotrail on the eastern entrance to the nature reserve «Stolby» during the excursion, which was organized by Krasnoyarsk Tourist and information Center. The ecotrail gives people with disabilities an opportunity to comfortably admire the beauty of the main natural sight of Krasnoyarsk — nature reserve “Stolby”.