An excursion for a group of young Krasnoyarsk citizens took place

On February 8 an excursion on the branded tour express “Krasnoyarsk the soul and energy of Siberia” devoted to the Winter Universiade 2019 that our city will host already in three weeks, and specially organized for the pupils of the Center of additional education “Aerospace School” took place.

During the tour the participants learned about the history of University sports and about a great preparation work that was carried out for the World University Sports Festival in our city. They also visited three sports Universiade venues: Crystal Ice Arena and two multifunctional sports complexes – Raduga Cluster and Sopka Cluster.

That day turned out to be very rich in impressions for the young citizens: at the “Sopka”, for example, they were shown how the snowcats work and how the process of artificial snowing of the tracks goes; at the “Rainbow” a great interest was caused at the view of the 50-meter swimming pool, climbing wall and ski stadium. And on the ice rinks of Crystal Ice Arena our group of excursionists was lucky to observe the training process of hockey players and figure skaters!
During the excursion the pupils watched videos about all the Universiade venues, which were presented to their attention on the plasma screen of the tour bus.

Organizer: Krasnoyarsk Tourist and Sports Center, a municipal budgetary institution, with the support of the Main Department for Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Krasnoyarsk City Administration.