11 July 12:21

Уже завтра в поселке Шушенское Красноярского края состоится торжественное открытие XVI Международного фестиваля этнической музыки и ремесел «МИР Сибири» Фестиваль пройдёт 12, 13 и 14 июля 2019 года. Под открытым небом состоится выступление 75 артистов из 12 стран. Кроме того, будут работать интерактивные площадки: обрядовая поляна, ярмарка авторских изделий, беседка с лекциями, гастрономические ряды, этнопарк с презентацией […]

8 July 11:31

В этом году наша страна в 12 раз отмечает прекрасный летний праздник – День семьи, любви и верности, – который тесно связан с историей и жизнеописанием святых благоверных Петра и Февронии. Эту семейную пару православные христиане почитают за покровителей семьи и брака. Петр и Феврония стали образцами супружеской верности, взаимной любви и семейного счастья ещё при […]

27 May 13:31

As practice has shown, large-scale events attract an unprecedented number of guests to our city: for example, during the Universiade there was a very significant influx of people from neighboring cities – Sosnovoborsk, Lesosibirsk, Divnogorsk, Tomsk, Sharypovo. Visitors of the city actively visited our excursions and willingly got acquainted with the city, in connection with […]

24 May 04:57

Annual spring student practice has come to an end. This time we were glad to work with great guys – first-year students from the Krasnoyarsk college of the service and entrepreneurship. The guys have done their best both in the name of the tourist information center and in the branch at the Pillars and in the excursion field! At the […]

29 April 10:56

A trip to Kyzyl is a unique opportunity to get closer to the main city of the Republic of Tyva and its immediate surroundings. In the capital there is always something to see. Kyzyl has a unique history and unique appearance, located in the “Center of Asia”, where the great Yenisei River originates. The National […]

10 April 03:54

From April 4 – 7, the annual tourist exhibition-fair “Yenisei” took place at the Siberia International Exhibition Center. The exhibition “Yenisei” is a demonstration of the diversity of tourist services in modern conditions; center of negotiations, meetings, exchange of opinions and proposals; the opportunity to get full information about the tourist market of Siberia, to […]

29 March 08:13

From March 25 to March 27, 18 children from Tuva visited our city. Most of them came to Krasnoyarsk for the first time. Specialists of the Tourist Information Center of Krasnoyarsk have prepared a rich and interesting program for young tourists. Thechildren went on 2 excursions: “Evening Krasnoyarsk” and “Krasnoyarsk – the capital of the […]

29 March 04:30

On March 27, the ceremonial opening of the main office of the tourist information center of the city of Krasnoyarsk at 3 Mira Avenue street took place. The tourist information center began its work in April 2016 and during three years have changed several locations, but now, finally, found its home. The event was attended […]

27 March 09:57

Today at 6:30 pm the official ceremonial opening of the Krasnoyarsk Tourist Information Center will take place. The TIC office is located at 3 Mira Avenue and has been successfully operating since January. During the Universiade, the TIC office worked as a visit center: we met guests from different cities and countries and shared useful […]

19 March 04:39

On Saturday, the 16th March the sightseeing bus tour for the participants of the biggest in Siberia festival of Sport, Beauty and Health Siberian Power Show took place. 20 people took part in the excursion: athletes involved in power extreme from Poland, Germany and Moscow visited the main sights of the city. The journey started […]

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