The Balkan Grill, restaurant

Цена: от 1 000 руб.


The Balkan Grill restaurant has been successfully keeping its position in the restaurant industry of Krasnoyarsk since the end of the last century. And it is for a reason that it has deserved the fame of one of the most prominent gastronomic landmarks of the city. The charming atmosphere of Serbian hospitality becomes evident as soon as you step inside the Balkan Grill. The restaurant manager greets every visitor with warmth and a nice talk and shows them to their table. Siberian gourmets literally gravitate towards the Balkan exoticism of the restaurant. It’s not just about the menu but also distinctive architectural elements of Serbia, such as bleached bricks, red tiles, lanterns and plenty of fresh foliages that create this highly pleasant and cosy atmosphere. The fascinating taste of traditional Serbian specialities and drinks will beckon you to visit the Balkan Grill again and again. You’ll never forget our original smoke products and deli meats, signature sauces and desserts, strong liqueurs and selected wines made of the best grape varieties of the Balkan Peninsula.


  • Кухня: балканская, европейская
  • Постное, вегетарианское меню
    Винная карта
    Еда с собой
    Заказ столиков
    Проведение банкетов
  • WI-FI


Krasnoyarsk, 9 Perensona Street

+7 (391) 212-07-28

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