Svinya i Biser, gastropub

Цена: от 800 руб.


A while ago the name of the Svinya i Biser (“Swine and Pearls”) gastropub was taken as provocation. It was a deliberate trick to catch the eye of the public. And so it did take off – it only took one visit to the Svinya i Biser to make the visitors fall in love with the gastropub forever. Perhaps the secret of success is in its cosy atmosphere and the spirit of good old England. Or it is thanks to the excellent home-like cuisine that finds its way to the guests’ desires and warms their hearts and souls. Or, probably, the reason is that this place is equally perfect for romantic couples, noisy groups of friends and even big families. Here, the day starts with no-rush buffet breakfast. Then at around lunchtime the gastropub gets full of regulars. Finally, things turn into full swing at supper time when everybody can drop the burden of another long working day and have a drink.



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Krasnoyarsk, 16a Krasnoy Armii Street

+7 (391) 226-66-77

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