The Bangkok, Pan-Asian restaurant

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The Bangkok is the number one Pan-Asian restaurant in Krasnoyarsk. Unusual specialities of the Pan-Asian cuisine are prepared to the original recipes on the Southwest Asia traditional iron plate called “teppan” or a “wok” frying pan both of which make food truly healthy and wholesome. Those who are particularly into the Oriental cuisine exotic taste will be delighted with the offered range of unusual salads, grilled dishes, soups and desserts with a whiff of Asia to them. Fresh, handpicked products, professional competence of the chefs and careful observance of the recipes and attention to every detail of the cooking process lay the foundation for the excellent high-class cuisine of the restaurant with its captivating atmosphere of mysterious Asia.


Krasnoyarsk, 94 Uritskogo Street


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 г. Красноярск, ул. Урицкого, 94

+7 (391) 227-35-36

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