The Shelf, restaurant

Цена: от 1 500 руб.


The Shelf is one of the high-status and luxurious restaurants of the city located in the highest building of Krasnoyarsk. As soon as you step in, you immediately plunge into the atmosphere of exquisiteness and sensuality. The interior, cuisine and even the air inside the Shelf all add to the romantic vibes that seem to spread around in a sea breeze. It feels like entering a lagoon that hides you away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the city. There is nothing else to do but relax and dive head-first into the atmosphere of delight and gastronomic pleasures!


Krasnoyarsk, 15 78 Dobrovolcheskoy Brigady Street


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Krasnoyarsk, 15 78 Dobrovolcheskoy Brigady Street

+7 (391) 291‒19‒19

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