The Krasnoyarsk Music Theatre


This wonderful, heartwarming, light but at the same time complex genre is represented in the colourful playbill. For more than 50 years, the number of theatre productions on this stage has exceeded 200, among which were ballets, comical operas, musicals, vaudevilles, musical comedies, and operettas. The theatre is famous from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Many of its performances won prizes of All-Union, All-Russia, and territorial theatre festivals. Nowadays the theatre continues to bring joy to the public by staging plays of different genres. The following are the most successful of them: Gentle Heart Causes Troubles by V. Sollogub (vaudeville), Zoya’s Apartment by A. Rosenblat (musical), The Servant of Two Masters or Tricks of Truffaldino by A. Kolker (musical comedy), Cabaret Cutie by E. Kálmán (musical drama), The Guidebook for Those Wishing to Get Married by G. Gladkov (vaudeville), The Gadfly by A. Kolker (rock-musical), The Blue Cameo by K. Breitburg (musical), Casanova by K. Breitburg (musical-comics), Juno and Avos by A. Rybnikov (rock opera), Christmas Eve by V. Pleshak (musical), Eight Loving Women by A. Zhurbin (detective musical), The Bat by J. Strauss (operetta), The Beautiful Galatea by F. von Suppé (operetta), The Merry Widow by F. Lehár (operetta), and The Tsarevich by the same F. Lehár (melodrama musical).



Krasnoyarsk, 129 Mira Prospekt

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