What to see

Railway or “Tzarist” bridge is the first railway bridge across the Yenisey in Krasnoyarsk that was opened for rail transport on March 29, 1899.

The fourth motorway bridge across the Yenisey River was opened in October 2015 and connected Oktyabrsky and Sverdlovsky districts of the city.

It’s one of the main motorway bridges across the Yenisey in Krasnoyarsk that was put into the operation in 1986. It was named in honour of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

Karla Marksa (“Karl Marx”) Street is one of three parallel arterial roads located in a historically formed business and cultural center of the city.

Every Russian city or town has its own Lenina Street. The principal city of the Krasnoyarsk Territory is not an exception, of course. Here it’s one of three parallel arterial roads located in a historic centre of the city’s left bank.

Imeni Gazety “Krasnoyarsky Rabochiy” Prospekt (avenue called after “Krasnoyarsk Worker” newspaper) is the second longest (after Semafornaya Street) and one of the main streets in Krasnoyarsk. People usually call this street “Krasrab”.

Every city in the world has the main street. In fact, it’s the heart of the city. The Krasnoyarsk heart is Mira Prospekt (“Avenue”).

Central Park is situated on the left bank of the Yenisey, in a historic part of the city, and occupies the territory of 15 ha.

Stolby (“Pillars”) is a rightful leader among all the tourist destinations of Krasnoyarsk. Winds and rains have been carving peculiar stone forms for many years. Fantastical rocks reminding animals, birds, and people attract numerous tourists.

It was erected in front of the Ivan Yarigin Sports Palace on the Otdykha (“Rest”) Isle in 2002.

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