Krasnoyarsk Park of flora and fauna «Roev Ruchey»


This park was opened in 1999 and now it is flourishing and counts more than 700 species of fauna representatives. Every day hundreds of citizens and guests of the city come to this fabulous place. In the park’s territory, there’s one of the biggest aquaterrariums in Russia and the only penguinarium constructed beyond the Urals. Giraffe, kangaroo, Siberian tiger, Brasilian rainbow boa, Lady Amherst’s pheasant, red deer, polar bear, longhorn cowfish – all these and many residents of the zoo are waiting for you every day. Roev Ruchey is open summer and winter alike so everyone has a possibility to immerse into the beautiful world of flora and fauna any time. Personnel of the park has developed various excursion programmes, for example Exotic Animals and Listed Animals. For the youngest visitors, we offer such excursions as Snout, Tail and Four Feet, Our First Meeting with Animal World, and Pets. For older children, we’ve thought out quests of different difficulty levels. Roev Ruchey Park of Flora and Fauna is one of the most popular and favourite leisure venues of Krasnoyarsk citizens and guests. Being here brings people



Krasnoyarsk, 293 Sverdlovskaya Street

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