The Nikolaevsky bridge

The fourth motorway bridge across the Yenisey River was opened in October 2015 and connected Oktyabrsky and Sverdlovsky districts of the city. It received its official name – Nikolaevsky – in February 2018 in honour of Nikolaevskaya Sopka (“mound”). This bridge is located higher up the river in comparison with other bridges of Krasnoyarsk. A total length of the bridge with all approaches and interchanges is 6,771.01 m including 1,273.35 m of the over-water length. The bridge is 31.5 m in width. It consists of 6 traffic lines for vehicles, 3 in each direction, and 2 foot-walks 1.5 m in width each for pedestrians. Being a highly essential object of transport infrastructure of the city, Nikolaevsky bridge fits harmoniously into the urban ensemble and has become one more distinctive landmark of Krasnoyarsk.

Krasnoyarsk, Nokolayevsky Most