The Monument to V. P. Astafyev

It was erected in 2006 on Mira Square. V. P. Astafyev was born in 1924 in Ovsyanka village near Krasnoyarsk. In 1942 he went off to war. After the war he lived in the Urals, in Chusovoy town. His first book “Until next spring” was published in 1953. He finished Higher Literature Courses and was a member of the Union of Soviet Writers. The most well-known works of V. P. Astafyev are the following: The Last Tribute (“Posledniy poklon”), Czar Fish (“Czar ryba”), The Cursed and the Slain (“Proklyaty i ubity”), Sheppard and His Wife (“Pastukh i pastushka”), Accolade to Russian People (“Oda russkomu narodu”). The writer was awarded with State Prizes and title of a Hero of Socialist Labour. He also was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour and the Order of Friendship of Peoples. Authors: Sculptor I. Linevich-Yavorsky, architect A. S. Demirkhanov, a People’s architect of Russia. In Ovsyanka village a log house of the writer’s grandmother was freshly rebuilt; it was the place where he used to work most times. A library was established there. The author of this memorial site is A. S. Demirkhanov, a People’s architect of Russia. in 2006, a sculptural composition named The Astafyev Family was set in the writer’s stately home (sculptor – V. A. Zelenov, an Honoured Artist of Russia).


Krasnoyarsk, 1 Ploshchad Mira