The Monument to Ivan S. Yarygin

It was erected in front of the Ivan Yarigin Sports Palace on the Otdykha (“Rest”) Isle in 2002. Ivan S. Yarygin was born in 1948 in Ust-Kamzas village of Kemerovo Region. In the beginning of the 1960s, his family moved to Sizaya village of Shushensky district. I. Yarygin was an outstanding Russian athlete, Honoured Master of Sports in Freestyle Wrestling, two-time Olympic champion (1972б 1976), champion of the USSR, three-time champion of Europe, five-time champion of the World Championship, the main coach of the freestyle wrestling national team, the President of the Wrestling Federation of Russia. In 1978 Yarygin graduated from Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical Institute. Since 1980 he had lived in Moscow. In 1997 Yarygin tragically perished in a car accident on the Makhachkala – Kislovodsk route. A commemorative stone with an inscription “To Ivan Yarygin, a Russian Bogatyr, from the Dagestanis” was set here in 2012. Since 1998 Krasnoyarsk have hold tournaments in memory of Ivan Yarygin, since 1999 this tournament has a status of Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix. D.G. Mindiashvili, a coach and mentor of I. Yarygin, was recognized as the best coach of the XX century. He brought up the whole galaxy of brilliant famous sportsmen: V. Tokchinakov, V. Alekseev, V. Modosyan, A. and B. Saitiev, S. Murtazaliev. A. Atavov. Sports Palace on the Otdykha Isle was named after Ivan Yarygin (1981, architect V. V. Orekhov) as well as the Olympic Village in Moscow. Yarygin monument is set on the Walk of Fame for athletes at the entrance to the Luzhniki stadium (sculptor A. Rukavishnikov), all the winners of Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix tournament are awarded a champion cup with Ivan Yarygin figurine. Authors: sculptor V.I. Usov, architect A.B. Kasatkin. Material: bronze, granite. Height of the figure – 4 m, total height – 10 m. It was erected in front of the I. Yarygin Sports Palace on the Otdykha (“Rest”) Isle in 2002.


Krasnoyarsk, Ostrov Otdykha