The Sculptural composition «A.S. Pushkin and N.Goncharova»

A rotunda with figures of the poet and his wife is located at the Kirova and Lenina Streets’ crossing. The citizens call this place “Tumbler”. A rotunda construction has a symbolic meaning: Three side wings mean faith, hope, and love, four columns on every wing are 12 months of the year and correspond Christian canons – a number of biblical Apostles. One curiosity of this monument is that A. S. Pushkin enthusiastically declaims to his wife a poem “A magic moment I remeber…” (the first lines are inscribed on a stone shit of paper near a small fountain) which as we know was dedicated to A. Kern. Authors: sculptor K. M. Zinich, architect A. S. Demirkhanov, a People’s architect of Russia.


Krasnoyarsk, 75p/3 Mira prospekt