Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel

On the top of the Karaulnaya Mountain the white-stone Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel is situated. Initially, on the place of the today’s chapel, there was a wooden watchtower from where the Cossacks notified the citizens about hostile raids. In the beginning of the XIX century merchant I. L. Novikov built a wooden chapel. A building made of stone appeared a half of the century later. Its construction was sponsored by Krasnoyarsk owner of gold mines P. I. Kuznetsov. This city’s symbol is depicted on the front of 10-rouble Russian banknotes issued in 1997. The Chapel has a status of an architectural monument of local significance and is included in the list of objects recommended for protection at the federal level. Vasily Surikov, the greatest Russian painter used to choose this place for work. Alexander Popov, a famous Russian scientist, father of radio, observed a Solar eclipse here in August 1887. As legend has it, when the Cossacks of Andrey Dubenskoy, a founder of the city, set an orthodox cross on the Pokrovskaya Mountain, a spring started to pour out of the ground. In 2008 a garden square with the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa sacred spring was opened. An observation deck near to the chapel is one of the best places to enjoy a panoramic view of Krasnoyarsk, especially at night when thousands of lights appear above the city.