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Andrey G. Pozdeev was born on September 27, 1926 in Nizhny Ingash village.

It was set on 56 Mira Prospekt, nearby the Artist House, in 2008 to coincide with the 160th Anniversary from the date of birth of the artist.

A rotunda with figures of the poet and his wife is located at the Kirova and Lenina Streets’ crossing. The citizens call this place “Tumbler”. A rotunda construction has a symbolic meaning: Three side wings mean faith, hope, and love, four columns on every wing are 12 months of the year and correspond Christian canons – a number of biblical Apostles.

It was erected in 2006 on Mira Square.

The monument was constructed in 1995 on the lower terrace of the 350th Anniversary of Krasnoyarsk Square (today known as Theater Square).

Valentin F. Voyno-Yasenetsky (Saint Luke) monument was erected in November of 2002 in the square in front of one of the most beautiful and glorious Orthodox curches of the city – John the Baptist Church.

The Big Ben clock was set on the tower of Krasnoyarsk Administration building in 2001.

The composition was set in Strelka area in 2006.

It was erected on the Mira Square in 2003 when the city was celebrating its 375th Anniversary from the date of Krasnoyarsk foundation.

The monument appeared in 1997 on Vysoky Yar (“high rise bluff”) located not far away from Strelka area (place where Kacha River meets Yenisey).

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