A citywide walking tour along the left bank embankment of the Yenisei took place

An open excursion for Krasnoyarsk residents along the renovated left bank embankment of the Yenisei took place on October, 26. At the head of sightseeing procession were the Mayor of Krasnoyarsk Sergei Eremin together with the representatives of Norilsk Nickel company with the financial support of which the second stage of the embankment improvement was carried out and the Communal Bridge was highlighted this year. 

The walking tour started from the amphitheater at the Captain’s Club and was over at the Vinogradovsky Bridge. Specialists from  the Krasnoyarsk Tourist Information Center acted as guides during the excursion. While walking the townspeople could plunge into the history of the city and the boulevard along the river, admire the beautiful views, swing on the new swings, feed the ducks and make cool selfies.

Moving in the excursion column many participants noted that the left bank embankment had changed significantly, and that it was much more pleasant and safer to walk along here. At the end of the excursion the mayor of Krasnoyarsk, Sergey Eremin, summed up that now Krasnoyarsk had a truly metropolitan embankment with a single park-like look.