The Vozdukh hostel

Цена: от 500 руб.


The Vozdukh (“Air”) is a European-class hostel in the historic centre of Krasnoyarsk. It is located within the soon-to-be pedestrian area, a historic quarter of the city. The Vozdukh is popular with its guests thanks to the well-developed infrastructure of the city centre, a public transport stop in close proximity that services all major city bus routes, and, of course, because of the excellent hospitality and attractive prices. Visitors enjoy their stay in 17 cosy rooms varying from single and double rooms with all conveniences to ones intended for bigger companies of up to 6 people. Located only 29 km from the Yemelyanovo airport, the hostel is at the same time within walking distance of the Krasnoyarsk Railway Station.


Free parking
Free Wi-Fi
Visa support
Organization of excursions


{ru:} г. Красноярск, ул. Карла Маркса 155 а, ст.1

+7 950 405 33 44

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{en:} Krasnoyarsk, Bld 1, 155a Karla Marksa Street

+7 950 405 33 44

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{zh:} 克拉斯诺亚尔斯克市卡尔拉卡尔、马克思大街155号A单元1室

+7 950 405 33 44

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