The Krasnoyarsk Hotel

Цена: от 3 500 руб.


The Krasnoyarsk is a central hotel of the city in the very heart of the business, administrative and entertaining part of Krasnoyarsk. The central city transport hub near the hotel makes it easy to get around the city without having to make any connections, while a great number of restaurants and cafés located within walking distance of the hotel make it possible to choose a menu for lunch and dinner that will suit every taste and budget. The central hotel is situated in the Theatre Square. The hotel has an amazing view of the Theatre Square with its fountains, the embankment, the famous bridge immortalised on the 10-rouble banknote, the mighty Yenisey; and the background of this panorama is adorned with the peaks of the unique Stolby Natural Reserve. The Krasnoyarsk is a member of the Russian Hotel Association. There are 250 rooms of different categories in the hotel.


Krasnoyarsk, 94 Uritskogo Street


Free parking
Free Wi-Fi
Visa support
Business centre, conference hall
Air ticket office
24-hour cafe, bar
Excursion agency
Souvenir shop
Beauty saloon
Children’s play room
Sauna with pool and billiards
Luggage storage, safe
Smoking room


г. Красноярск, ул. Урицкого, 94

+7 (391) 274-­94­-03, +7 (391) 274-­94­-00

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