The Sibirskiy Safari Club hotel complex

Цена: от 2 500 руб.


The Sibirskiy Safari Club (“Siberian Safari Club”) hotel complex is located in a scenic place on the right bank of the Yenisey River. The way from the hotel to the city centre will not take longer than 10 minutes.  The Railway Station is 5 km away from the hotel, and the airport is at a distance of 44 km. The hotel offers a comfortable stay in one of its 34 rooms. Our staff speak several foreign languages and are always at your disposal to recommend a restaurant to have a meal or a place to enjoy some rest and entertainment. During the warm season guests of the hotel can enjoy their rest and some fresh air on the summer terrace.


Krasnoyarsk,117ASudostroitelnaya Street


Free Wi-Fi
Visa support
Conference hall
Recreational areas, summer arbours
Banquet / buffet service
Finnish sauna, swimming pool
Tourist department


Krasnoyarsk,117A Sudostroitelnaya Street

+7 (391) 261-33-58,  +7  (391) 261-33-35

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