The Telegraph hostel

Цена: от 700 руб.


The Telegraph is a stylish, minimalist but very cosy hostel with a wide range of practical and pleasant options. Guests can choose to stay in mixed or special women’s rooms with separate toilet facilities and a make-up table. Free Wi-Fi is available for guests throughout the territory of the hostel. Hot breakfasts, underground parking and the luggage room are three more cherries on the cake. To provide the guests with greater security, there is an electronic access system to the living area, fire-alarm system, and video surveillance. The overall comfort is sustained by good ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems. In addition to all the above-mentioned facilities, what the hostel most obviously has to offer is its neat and tidy rooms with high-quality furniture. Being a new, neat and stylish hostel, the Telegraph is looking forward to meeting its guests!


Free Wi-Fi

Underground parking


Luggage room


Krasnoyarsk, 7 ZH Vzletnaya Street

+7 902 920–77–11

Official website

Official group VK

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