The Newton Park, Science & Entertainment Center


The Newton Park is a place where you can catch a lightning, get into the epicentre of a real tornado, launch an aircraft, or build a bridge of magnetic sand. These are only a small part of all the miracles possible here! Every visitor of the museum can easily grasp those scientific laws that seemed to be so difficult at school—but this time playing and having fun. Today we are lucky to have scientific museums of such new-generation type all over the world. These are the museums with no barriers between visitors and exhibit items and those strict “Don’t touch” signs from our childhood. Here vice versa, you can and should touch everything! You can play and take photos with the items and, what is more important, learn the basics of physical, chemical, mathematical, and other laws. Science is impressively interesting and involving! We welcome visitors of absolutely all kinds – from the youngest young to the oldest old—everyone will find something interesting for themselves. All excursions are arranged by experts with higher physical education (from Siberian Federal University).





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