The Luch, cinema complex


The Luch (“Beam”) is a five-storied multiplex cinema incorporating a 4-screen cinema theatre for 1000 seats and an entertainment centre with an extensive infrastructure of the Caliostro restaurant, the Vanilla coffee gallery, the Snezhnost(“Snowiness”) dessert hall, the Am!Bar fast food café, the Monte Cristo billiard club, and the Game Area with the latest game simulators. Every day 5 to 15 thousand people visit the multiplex. It features the biggest screen in Krasnoyarsk, prime location in the very heart of the city, a proximate bus stop, full Wi-Fi coverage, and Bluetooth zone. Besides, movie tickets can be easily bought in any district of the city through a terminal of “Platezhka” payment service chain.


  • 4 зала,
  • ресторан «Калиостро»,
  • кофейная галерея «Ваниль»,
  • десерт-холл «Снежность»,
  • кафе быстрого питания «Ам!Бар»,
  • бильярдный клуб «Монте Кристо»,
  • «Гейм зона» с последними новинками индустрии игровых симуляторов,
  • Wi-Fi свободный доступ в интернет.


Krasnoyarsk, 149 Karla MarksaStreet

+7 (391) 2-6-00000

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