The MAGIC LAND, family leisure park

Цена: от 1 500 руб.


The MAGIC LAND family leisure park is a whole city of entertainment for Krasnoyarsk families. A world of fairy tales awaits for children and their parents behind the doors of the MAGIC LAND! The park consists of 12 amusement rides, a gigantic trampoline complex, 4 levels of maze city, and an enormous play area for the youngest visitors. This place will be a great choice for any celebration or for a birthday party of your beloved child. Our professional entertainers will do their best to live up to your expectations of the event. Welcome to the wonderland, the land of adventures, excitement, and extreme!


Гигантский батутный комплекс и поролоновая яма

100 игровых автоматов

12 парковых аттракционов

2 башни падения, колесо обозрения

2 автодрома, американские горки

4 экстремальных аттракциона

4х-ярусный город-лабиринт для веселых открытий

зона Миниград для самых маленьких

организация и провидение детских праздников


Krasnoyarsk, 12 Dmitriya Martynova Street

+7 (391) 2-702-702

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