Krasnoyarsk State Nature Reserve «Stolby»


Stolby (“Pillars”) is a rightful leader among all the tourist destinations of Krasnoyarsk. Winds and rains have been carving peculiar stone forms for many years. Fantastical rocks reminding animals, birds, and people attract numerous tourists. Perja (“Plumage”), Ded (“Grandfather”), Pervy Stolb (“The First Pillar”), Lvinnye vorota (“Lions Gate”) these are the names of rocks known to every schoolboy and schoolgirl of Krasnoyarsk. Rocks differ in a form and a height. For example, the biggest rock of the natural reserve is Vtoroy Stolb (“The Second Pillar”) which gains an altitude of 748 m a.s.l., and rises 100 meters high if counting from its root. The most visited rock is Ded; it reminds a head of a stern old man. Every year about 300 thousand people visit the Stolby. The natural reserve occupies the territory of 47.2 thousand ha of the right bank of the Yenisey, in the area between the Mana and the Bazaikha Rivers. Fresh air and unique natural conditions of the Stolby contribute to the development of sport tourism and outdoor activities in Krasnoyarsk. Tourists came here in small groups or individually. What is more, personnel of the natural reserve have developed special excursion tours where they will show you the most beautiful places and tell the most interesting stories concerning this unique spot of Siberia. Krasnoyarsk Stolby with its taiga areas and rocks is a famous landmark of the city. Here you start feeling the world around you differently.


Экскурсии, квесты, тренинги.

Размещение туристов в палаточном городке, в гостевом домике.

Предоставление беседки.


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