The Oktyabrsky bridge


It’s one of the main motorway bridges across the Yenisey in Krasnoyarsk that was put into the operation in 1986. It was named in honour of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The project of the bridge was designed by Transmost, a Leningrad business organization. Bridge construction crew No. 7 headed by Sergei Vinogradov was responsible for its construction. Oktyabrsky bridge connects Leninsky and Sovetsky districts of the city. It is 2,605 m long, almost 36 m wide and 25 m high. The bridge is mentioned in the UNESCO guidebook on the World Bridge Construction as the one having the biggest navigable pass of a record length of 200.2 m. The bridge is intended for motor vehicle and pedestrian circulation. Initially, it also had tramlines but they were demounted during the reconstruction of 2006-2008. As a result, the bridge traffic capacity has been significantly expanded. Now it has 4 traffic lines in each direction in the over-water part of the bridge and 5 lines in the overland part of it which is on the Tatyshev Isle.


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