Mira Prospekt


Every city in the world has the main street. In fact, it’s the heart of the city. The Krasnoyarsk heart is Mira Prospekt (“Avenue”). Originally it has a different name – Bolshaya Street, after that – Voskresenskaya, then – Sovetskaya, a bit later – Stalin Prospekt and only in 1961 a landmark of our city got the Mira Prospekt name. The street stretches from the East to the West for almost 4 kilometres. It starts from the Triumphal Arch and ends at the foot of the Krasnoyarsk Musical Theatre. It has everything that a central street is supposed to have: beautiful historic buildings and monuments, sculptural compositions and fountain complexes, higher education institutions, theatres and museums, parks, numerous stores, cafés, and restaurants. This is the place usually showed to the city guests or chosen for a walk. It is always noisy and crowded but in a good way. And that is how the oldest and the most beautiful street should be, so unique and friendly!



Krasnoyarsk, Mira Prospekt

Доступная среда