1. Stolby (“Pillars”) is a state nature reserve located on the right bank of the Yenisey. It’s a unique location with incredible nature and breathtaking panoramic views. Every citizen and guest of our city absolutely should come, see the beauty of Stolby and take some pictures!
  2. Roev Ruchey is one of the largest zoos of Russia and famous tourist destinations of Krasnoyarsk. Whole families love coming here for all day as in addition to many types of animals there are also food facilities and a mini amusement park. What is more, the park has a small petting farm where you can feed and palm its residents. Roev Ruchey is an ideal place for those wishing to spend some time with animals or just have a walk and enjoying fabulous views of the territory.
  3. Today Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum of Local Lore is one of the largest museums of Siberia and the Far East. Excursions and events offered by the museum personnel impress with their diversity and originality. For preschool and older children, we’ve developed unusual educational programmes and dramatised folk festivals. We regularly hold contests, academic competitions, quizzes, and quests. Organising ecological and patriotic events personnel of the museum attracts attention to highly important issues of modern times and nurtures a culture of careful attitude to nature, historical and spiritual values.
  4. Central Park is one of the most favourite and attractive leisure areas of Krasnoyarsk citizens and guests. it occupies 15 ha right in the heart of the city. Today’s park has many amusement rides for children and adults including a Ferris Wheel. Numerous entertainment, educational, and sport campaigns and events are regularly held in the park. In winter, the central walkway turns into an ice skating rink.
  5. This a central street of the city where you can see beautiful historic buildings and monuments, sculptural compositions and fountain complexes, higher education institutions, theatres and museums, parks, cafés, and restaurants. This is the place usually showed to the city guests or chosen for a walk. It is always noisy and crowded but in a good way. And that is how the oldest and the most beautiful street should be, so unique and friendly!
  6. Karaulnaya (“Watchman”) Mountain is one of the symbols of Krasnoyarsk City. Originally it was named by the Kacha Tatars as “Kum-Tigey” but later in 1668, the Cossacks constructed a watchtower on the mountain and started to stand guard (“Karaul” in Russian) there. Since then it’s known as Karaulnaya. In memory of the Cossacks on September 9, 2011 a minute gun (cannon) was placed on Karaulnaya Mountain. Every day at midday, it fires blank. Speaking about Karaulnaya Mountain it’s just impossible to forget mentioning the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa (“Paraskevi of Iconium”) Chapel—the place, where you will see one of the best panoramic views of the major part of Krasnoyarsk. The Krasnoyarsk Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel on Karaulnaya Mountain decorates Russian 10-rouble banknotes.
  7. Bobrovy Log Funpark is a year-round sport and entertainment park located on the border of the Stolby natural reserve. The complex provides a great opportunity to do sport and outdoor activities the year around. Its distinctive natural landscape, extremely-developed infrastructure, high-quality service, a wide range of services rendered and proximity to the city center make the complex one-of-a-kind in the Siberian Region.
  8. Tatyshev Isle is not just a park. It’s a wonderful place that gives a sense of connection between nature and every person inspired by an idea of a healthy and active lifestyle. In the territory of the Tatyshev Isle, there are many sport areas and playgrounds, roller skates and bicycles hire services.
  9. Historic house museum of Surikov is a place that keeps the memory of many life stages of a Russian painter Vasily I. Surikov as well as a collection of his works. The first level of the museum keeps authentic furnishings of the Surikov family’s living rooms. On the second level the guests can visit former workroom, it is the biggest room, and see the works of the painter.
  10. Ploshchad Mira museum center is the biggest space of modern art in Siberia that forms a cultural environment in the city and the region. Themed programmes, modern art exhibitions, museum sites and different interesting events and excursions are only a few reasons to visit the unique museum center of Krasnoyarsk.


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