Central Park


Central Park is situated on the left bank of the Yenisey, in a historic part of the city, and occupies the territory of 15 ha. As early as in 1828 there already was a City Garden in the territory of today’s Central Park. In 1934 it received a new name—A. M. Gorky Park of Culture and Recreation. Now the park is divided into two parts – an active area (to the West from the Central walkway), where all the amusement rides are locatedб and a quiet area (to the East from the Central walkway) intended for a calm repose. In 1936 the first Russian children’s railway was launched on park premises. It still functions and transports up to 30 thousand people annually. Today’s park has many amusement rides for children and adults including a Ferris Wheel. Numerous entertainment, educational, and sport campaigns and events are regularly held in the park. In winter, the central walkway turns into an ice skating rink. In 2002 one of the favourite and most attractive places that citizens and guests of the city choose for recreation got the name we all know—Central Park. The park creative teams organise show programmes: circus performances, Holi Festival of Colours, rock and pop concerts, discos, animation festivals. All these exciting events always attract many thousands of people in Central park.


Первая в России детская железная дорога (перевозящая ежегодно до 30 000 человек).

Детские и взрослые аттракционы, включая колесо обозрения.

Проводится развлекательные, образовательные, спортивные акции и мероприятия.

Зимой на Центральной аллее заливается каток.


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